Police incidents

In Swainsboro Police Reports: There were three reports of simple battery and simple assault on Sunday, on Freedom, West Main and College Streets.
On Friday there was a Card Fraud from a local bank with an attempt to take $190, and there was an Account Fraud at the same bank with an attempt to take $476, with another Thursday for $146 on a different account. In each case the suspect appears to someone in South America who had gotten some of the account information.
Friday, just after 9 p.m. a man who was suspiciously pacing around the ice cooler at Clydes convenience store on Neal Street had a lump in his pocket and officers asked to pat him down for weapons. He resisted and was hand cuffed and charged with Interference with a Police Officer, but they found he was unarmed.
In a Miscellaneous Police Report from Thursday, a construction crew working near Southeastern Technical College uncovered a round of ammunition lodged inside a 24 inch drain pipe. It was later identified as a 90 MM tank shell. The account of the incident says Police Chief Randy Ellison contacted an Explosive Ordinance Disposal unit for clearance.}